They say wild wolves never sleep when they're too busy winning events. While the former may not be exactly true, the latter sure is! Our #Wolfpack has had a busy few weeks, making moves at both the iBUYPOWER Gamefest as well as the ECS Season 4 Dev League Qualifier.

The iBUYPOWER Gamefest took place from August 12 to the 13th and slammed a pretty nice $10,000 bag of money on the table as a prize pool. Our boys sped through the group stages, winning 2-0 against Plant-it and "Upsetti Spaghetti", to make it straight into the Playoffs. In the Playoffs, we continued our Demolition Derby and took down Rest in Paradise, Tempo Storm and fREAKAZOID's "Swole Patrol" to win the hot $5,000 slice of the pie.

Moving on to the ECS Development League Qualifier, the same story continued. Our Wolves feasted on Gale Force Esports, Down To Frag and Adaptation to qualify for the NA Development League alongside fellow team District 7. This means that from the 19th to the 20th, we will be playing in the official Development League with a chance to move into the ECS Season 4 Promotion League and eventually, ECS Season 4.

Wish us luck (and maybe howl at the moon with us a few times) as we trudge on through the jungle of professional CS:GO and make ourselves heard. Until next time, stay beautiful #WolfPack!

Written by @H3nleYCSGO