After entering into the Rocket League Championship Series’ Global Finals as 4th seed for North America, Denial Rocket League finished in the Top 8 teams in the world on Sunday after being defeated by the eventual champs Northern Gaming 1-3 in the lower bracket.


        Despite entering into the finals as the lowest seed for North America, Denial was upbeat and positive, confident in their abilities as a team.


“We're going into it with the mentality that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our confidence has never been higher, and all our chips are on the table for this one,” Treyven “Lethamyr” Robitaille said in an interview.


On June 2nd, the long anticipated tournament commenced, with Denial set to face Alpha Sydney in the first round. Alpha Sydney, Oceanias 1st seed, was a question mark in the eyes of the community, as it was unknown how the Oceanic region would perform in the global LAN setting. However, doubts were crushed when Alpha Sydney won a close 3-2 series over Denial, pushing them into the lower bracket.


The lower bracket pit Denial against Selfless, the team that defeated Denial in the 3rd place match in the Regional Championships, but with a catch. Selfless was without their star player, Chris Dappur Mendoza. Denial was able to close out a 3-1 series, pushing them one step farther in the lower bracket and avenging their previous defeat.


Their next opponent was Europes Northern Gaming, fresh off of an 0-3 loss to NRG Esports. Northern Gaming had finished 1st place after the RLCS regular season with a 6-1 record, but faltered in the European Regional Championship, putting them at the 4th seed for Europe. After Denial took an early lead in the series, Northern rallied three games back, taking the series 3-1.


Although Denial tied for 7th place in Season 3, a lot of the doubts held by analysts and fans alike were invalidated. Denial was able to defeat Selfless after a close loss to Alpha Sydney, avenging their previous falters, and competed closely with Northern Gaming due to quick and early goals. Denial will look to improve their finish in the future, but in no way should they be dissatisfied with their result.

 Image courtesy of Thomas Hajduk 


Written by: Darin "Shr3d" O'Meara

Rocket League Journalist

Edited by: Mireu

Editor in Chief