Denial Esports announce that they will be parting ways with the Heroes of the Storm team. Read more details after the break

After a brief 4 month period, both the team and the organization have come to mutual terms to terminate the contract. The team will stick together going into the Heroes of the Storm Global Circuit. Denial Esports will move away from Heroes of the Storm for the foreseeable future.

Let's revisit their path with us!

When we entered Heroes Of The Storm in July, we had a great outlook and a really great team. In their first qualifier for Blizzcon the team would fail to get out of group stage of the qualifiers; after only winning one game in their group. The team was heart broken, but they would regather and bring in iDream in place of Prismaticisim. 

Fast forward to the 2nd qualifier; where the team would be a force to reckoned with. They 2-0 their group without dropping a map and sweep Astral Authority (Now Gust or Bust) 3-0. Then came the nail biter that was Grand Finals vs Murloc Geniuses (Now Astral Authority) that went down to the final Game 5 decider on Blackheart's Bay, where they lost unfortunately. As a tie breaker the team would now have to focus on Gale Force Esports; showing their fierce spirit they went on to win 2-0, and securing themselves a spot at Blizzcon.

Their 2nd seeding going into Blizzcon put them in Group A of Group Stage 1 with the likes of MVP Black, Burning Rage, and Reborn. Dropping only a set to MVP Black, and winning 2-0 against Burning Rage and Reborn, the team found themselves seeded in a very dangerous and powerful group. Their first immediate opponent was Ballistix the winner of the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship, unable to find their tempo the team lost the series 0-2. After a weeks break they found themselves facing off against ZeroPanda, and the team lost 2-0. They exited the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship in 7th/8th Place. They would go on to make one last roster change with us replacing Glaurung with McIntyre, and brought in Zoia as their manager.

From all of us here at Denial Esports, we wish them the best of luck in the Heroes of the Storm Global Circuit, and we know they will do their best.