Robby Ringnalda CEO of Denial eSports had this to say about Fliffr

When I first started Denial I wanted to create a way for players to have sustainability and growth after esports. I think this app accomplishes that and creates another revenue stream for the players with very little hastle involved. I am looking forward to working with the Fliffr staff directly in helping them further integrate into esports.

Fliffr Statement on Partnership with Denial


We have been speaking with Denial eSports for quite some time, a world class organization with great leadership and filled with talented world championship players.

To have the #wolfpack and its players available on the app is a great milestone for Fliffr.

Fliffr’s mission is to have the best experts available on the app, and with Denial we get just that.


Daniel Cserhalmi, CEO of team Fliffr says “Being a gamer myself, I am so glad to have this partnership done, I would love the opportunity to pick the brains of these amazing players. What are they doing differently than me to become so good? What tips and tricks can they offer so I can improve myself and my gaming.”


Already strong in areas such as Personal Training, Legal Counseling and Tech support. Fliffr believes their solution is a perfect match for esports. 

Daniel continues. “We want to be the platform of choice for gamers when they want to connect with the pro players, casters, streamers and the people behind the esports organisations.” 


About Fliffr


The Fliffr team is on a quest. Connecting people, one by one.

Fliffr is a mobile advice marketplace where talented people and customers can meet through LIVE-video. 

Fliffr connects you with an expert, coach or tutor live in your phone. Get personalized help, advice and support in all areas. Knowledge and expertise On-Demand when you need it. 

From the comfort of your home, work or on the go, wherever you are. Initiate a live session, free or paid, Fliffr is easy to use. Find your #esport expert today!